Current Location
Charlotte, NC

B.M.E. with a Performance Focus
Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC

2016 attendee of the So Percussion Summer Institute
Princeton University

Performance Directing
Director of New Music through Concerts at the Courtroom

Rock Hill T.V. Party - Improvisation, Chaos + Television

Notable Performances
- Organized In C by Terry Riley (2016)
- Organized ricefall (2) by Michael Pisaro (2017)
- Organized An Evening of Percussion (2017)
- Co-Organized a tribute to Pauline Oliveros (2018)
- Premiere of Spokane by Daniel Webbon (2016)
- Premiere of Discotheque by Wally Gunn (2016)
- Music for Wood and Strings at Princeton University (2016)
- Inuksuit at Big Ears Music Festival, Knoxville TN (2016)
- a wave and waves at Big Ears Music Festival, Knoxville TN (2017)
- Repaired Piano in Rock Hill, SC (2015)

To Be Sure
The artist name for Nathan's solo and collaborative work.
- Community driven
- Accessible
- Nonsensical

- Be Gentle With Yourself (2019)
- of a Simple Sound (2019)
- Sounds for Reheating the Same Cup of Coffee (2018)
- To Be Sure (2016)

SC based Art Rock band of which Nathan is 1 of 2 drummers.

- tba (2019)
- Oh My God, We’re Still Animals (2018)
- God’s Go Begging Here (2017)

Rock Hill artist collective of which Nathan is an active member

Mall Goth
Post Punk, Gothic Musical outfit where Nathan was the percussionist known as “Darth Tarantula”

- Mall Goth (2018)

List of music commissioned by Nathan Matthews
Elliot Cole - a ray of living light 
Skyler Hill - Themes for Now
Krissy Lassiter - What Helps You Grow
Eric Mathews - For You, Nathan
Rob Funkhauser - Chant Mechanics
Dr. Mark Lewis - Simple Sounds For Complex Rounds
Isabel Crespo - Convalescing
Krissy Lassiter - Things Fall Into Place
Anthony Green - A Series of Harmonies
Meredith Butterworth - Day Off