Nathan has long held a passion for organizing concerts and events. Mostly through house concerts and local events throughout the area. The following are events that Nathan has been an instrumental part in planning, running, performing on, and organizing. 


The Music of Pauline Oliveros

Part four in the New Music Series though Concert's at the Courtroom. This concert organized by Nathan Matthews with the help of Skyler Hill, Isabel Crespo, and Justin Greene, focused exclusively on the text scores by Pauline Oliveros. 

Pauline Oliveros Concert 03.16.18 IG Poster.jpg

A Evening of Percussion at the Courtroom

Organized as the third installment of the New Music Series through Concerts at the Courtroom. This event featured the premier performances of a ray of living light and themes for now, two marimba commissions from Nathan's record To Be Sure. This concert also featured the Oneaka Mack West African Dance Ensemble, Dr. Adam Snow, Jason Treuting's Amid the Noise, as well as performances from local percussionists. 

Michael Pisaro's ricefall (2)

Organized and co-directed with Dr. Greg Stuart, this work was performed as part II of the New Music Series through Concerts at the Courtroom. 32 musicians, artists, and community members got together to create a landscape of sound created by falling rice of different resonant objects. This 72 minute performance of Pisaro's work was a soundscape created to depict the texture of falling rain on a landscape, to someone who is blind.













Mall Goth RESIDENCY.jpg

Terry Riley's In c

Organized, directed, and performed on In C by composer Terry Riley. The work is scored for any group of musicians and runs about an hour, during which performers cycle through a 53 measure work. The piece was performed at The Courtroom, in Rock Hill, SC. Musicians were centered in the middle of the old courthouse, with some others scattered in the judges stand and the jurors box. Around the perimeter of the room were 53 works by local artists on display. The concert was a combination of the talent of student, community, and professional musicians and artists.

Mall goth: October residency at Snug Harbor

A four week presentation of "Mall Goth: A Tragedy in Four Parts", a four act musical presented over the month of October in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Living Room Shows

Since 2012 Nathan Matthews has been booking and running shows in his various living rooms for local and touring D.I.Y bands. Select dates and events are listed below.

@ the Cowabungalow

08/15/2016 - Zanois (Manchester, NH) / Tug (Athens, GA) / Kent (Rock Hill, SC)    

06/01/2016 - Ehiorbo (NJ) / Good Luck Spaceman (NJ) / Leisure (Denton, TX) / Kent (SC) / Brandon Byron (SC)

05/15/2016 - Andy The Doorbum and Justin Aswell (Los Angeles, CA and Charlotte, NC) / Tree Skeleton (Lost Angeles, CA) / Gasp (Rock Hill, SC)

04/17/2016 - All People (New Orleans, LA)

03/08/2016 - Terror Pigeon (Nashville, TN) / Meth Dad (Nashville, TN) / Curse (Baltimore, MD) / Mall Goth (SC)

12/12/2015 - Nude Tayne (Tampa, FL) / Total Strangers (Ashville, NC) / Orchard Cycles (SC)

08/25/2015 - The Helltons (Paris, France) / Rational Anthem (Sarisota, FL) / Motel Glory (Rock Hill, SC)

10/16/2015 - Feverish (New Orleans, LA) / Child's Pose (SC) / Nick Samson (SC)

08/19/2015 - Tare (New Orleans, LA) / Art Contest (Athens, GA) / Live Teatherball Tonight (Milwaukee, WI)

08/15/2015 - Space Camp (CT) / Tarred & Feathered (SC) / Legggs (SC)

07/16/2015- Slouch (Olympia, WA) / Yarbs (Charlotte, NC) / Laura Jane (SC)

07/07/2015 - Facility (New Jersey) / Josiah Blevins (SC) / Mr Gold (SC)

07/01/2015 - Blessin' (Denton, TX) / Mall Goth (SC) / Small Talk Assassin (SC)

06/28/2015 - Watercolor Paintings (CA) / Dark Shrines of the Color Green (CA) / Gardeners (SC)

06/23/2015 - Casual (Trenton, NJ) / Jon E. Erkkila (NJ) / Snot Rocket (SC)

06/21/2015 - Cousin Clyde (Syracuse, NY) / Birthkontrolle (SC)

06/04/2015 - Open Mic Night

05/25/2015 - All People (New Orleans, LA) / Pope (New Orleans, LA) / Josiah Blevins (SC)

05/15/2015 - Low Cotton (Salt Lake City, UT) / Snot Rocket (SC) / Galvarino (SC)

@ the PM

04/18/2015 - Terror Pigeon (Nashville, TN) / Ento (New York, NY)

04/03/2015 - Art Contest (Athens, GA) / Arthur (Greenville, SC)

03/18/2015 - Puberty Wounds (Columbus, OH) / Yarbs (Charlotte, NC) / Mall Goth (SC)

03/03/2015 - Ghost Mice (Bloomington, IN) / Dustin Carpenter (SC) / Laura Jane (SC)

11/13/2014 - Empty Vessels (CT) / Orchard Cycles (SC) / Nick Samson (SC)

08/31/2014 - Gorgeous (Tallahassee, FL) / Sunnyvale (Charlotte, NC)

08/17/2014 - Terror Pigeon (Nashville, TN) / Madeline Ava (IN) / Gardeners (SC)

08/10/2014 - Deism (Birmingham, AL) / Ex-Breathers (FL)

08/08/2014 - Tare (New Orleans, LA) / Nature Boy (Rock Hill, SC)

07/24/2014 - Night Witch (Tallahassee, FL) / Leisure (Denton, TX)

06/25/2014 - Dogjaw (Olympia, WA) / Sharkpact (Olympia, WA) / Hard Feelings (Duluth, MN) / Birthkontrolle

06/16/2014 - Jake Tobin (Tallahasse, FL) / Fishwives (Columbia, SC)

06/12/2014 - Free Cake For Every Creature (Saratoga Springs, NY) / King Clone (NY) / Birthdays (Boston, MA) / Brandon Byron (SC)

05/27/2014 - Teach Me Equals (FL) / Birthkontrolle (SC)

05/09/2014 - Endless Bummer (Baltimore, MD) / Josiah Blevins (SC) / Neb Jett Good (SC) / Laure Jane (SC) 



sold out.jpg

Art Shows

05/01/2016 - Organized and ran a living room art show, "Catty Corner" featuring local artists to raise money for the Ebenezer Elementary school art program. 

12/08/2015 - Helped organize the "Sold Out" sculpture show at an abandoned Coke bottling factory. Premier of the Repaired Piano and included work from the 2015 Winthrop sculpture class.