To Be Sure - Songs for Reheating the Same Cup of Coffee (2018)

This demo tape is two experiments. Side A is a solo marimba adaptation of a beautiful, emo-influenced composition, originally scored for hammer dulcimer. Side B is a collection of small acoustic sounds from 5 wonderful friends, layered on top of one another, to create a blanket of sound. 

Homebody was originally written by Andrea Mazzariello for David Degge and scored for hammer dulcimer, bass drum, hi-hat, and voice. Andrea has graciously allowed Nathan to interpret and perform this piece on marimba. Audio by John Nipe

Paper City is strongly influenced by Pauline Oliveros's "Papericity". This was performed and recorded by Nathan Matthews, Lindsey Bargar, Brandon Byron, Mady Sadinsky, Samuel Carter, and Charlie Watts

Mall Goth - Mall Goth (2018)

A love letter to goth culture from some a handful of Carolina creatives. Black box theater imitating a B-movie, slasher flick, Mall Goth follows an eponymous folk hero on his journey to attain self-realization and philosophical victory over his stepdad. The debut, self titled album, can be streamed on Spotify or supported here.

Gasp Gods Go Begging Here (2017)

Live on Halloween at Legal Remedy Brewing. Gasp arranged 11 horrifying renditions  and brought together 7 ghastly performers, to pay tribute to one of our favorite musicians, artists, and vagabond. With an arsenal of percussive garbage, dry ice, and Halloween spirit, this audio was created. Enjoy. 

To Be Sure - To Be Sure (2017)

This album consists of two solo marimba works, "a ray of living light" and "Themes for Now", which I commissioned from respective composers (and non-marimba players) Elliot Cole and Skyler Hill. The result of the commissions is a fresh step in marimba literature, created by two imaginative, talented, and charming individuals, whose work I hope to have presented adequately. These commissions were an attempt to highlight the reflective, humble, and accessible nature of the instrument, which is often replaced with pigeonholed, scholarly endeavors, aimed towards other percussionists. Emotion, simplicity, beauty, and accessibility, often get overshadowed by technicality, masculinity, "licks", and the inherent need to lock solo marimba in a purely academic setting, abandoned upon graduation. The work on this record is performed on an instrument I love, written by people whose spirit and heart I believe in. That's all. 

Regardless of familiarity with this instrument, I hope you enjoy. 

"a ray of living light, to be sure, but without an object to color..." (Melville

'a ray of living light' was composed by Elliot Cole and 'Themes for Now' was composed by Skyler Hill. Bloom Suite was composed by Elliot Cole. Audio engineering by Jeremy Snyder. Album cover by Zachary Neesmith. Lyrics for "Now" comes from a poem of the same title by Campbell McGrath

Orchard Cycles - Orchard Cycles (2014)

This album was written by myself, Lex Nordlinger, and Charlie Watts during my first year at Winthrop University. Orchard Cycles was born from a random drawing out of a hat, for a local Band From a Hat Showcase in Rock Hill, SC. After realizing the pot-smoking-exclusively-pop-punk-playing guitar player that I had been paired with wasn’t going to work out, I recruited Charlie and Lex.

The songs we wrote were a culmination of my younger passion for screamo music, and my new found excitement for percussion music. Those two forces combined with a bedroom, general 21 year old angst, and gear we “borrowed” from our music building, we wrote this seven track album.

Tarred & Feathered - Nice (2013)

This is the best band that I was ever in. I definitely peaked in high school. These 5 songs were written in preparation for a 3 week long east coast tour, “Toured and Furthered”. 1/3 of our shows fell through, the drummer in the other band spent a night in jail, and I existed on free burritos, peanut butter, and the Beastie Boys anthology.

Shred ‘til you’re dead.