Mall Goth

A musical theater project highlighting the plight of the ordinary citizen (the mall goth) against an increasingly over-bearing, creativity stifling, oppressive, and mundane adversary (your step dad, the governor, the captain of the football team, an uncooperative dungeon master, your friends, your family, your teachers, your gym coach, and the ghost of your dead dog). 

In 2016 Mall Goth  completed a October residency at Snug Harbor, and has performed at the 2017 and 2018 Boom Festival in Charlotte. In 2018 Mall Goth released their debut, self-titled album, available on streaming services and vinyl. 

As of this date Mall Goth has staged eight full length performances and are currently working on a new untitled project.

I - The Rise of Step Dad
II - Mayor Pat
III - Enter the Shadow Realm
IV - Goth Prom
V - Mall Goth on Trial
VI - The Motorbike
VII - The Wooden Gun
VIII - The Deathly Condos